Cocoon Projects

The impermanence, interdependence and complexity of business markets are today creating a generation of continuous disruptions.

It seems to numerous people that mankind evolution is accelerating and with the markets globalisation and the digital transformation leading to more frequent business disruptions, there is a stronger sense of acceleration, interconnectedness and loss of control in companies. 

Often game changers leaders and organisations are popping-up and disrupt their native market because they:

  • Envisioned a different world,
  • Presented fresh and innovative ideas to their market,
  • Listened to market and customer frustrations and came up with valid solutions,
  • Proposed a more positive and resilient working model instead of a "market-crunching" or “people-crunching” one,
  • etc.

Can’t you do anything stop these market disruptions? Nope. Let's not even try to resist. We need to adapt. Again. As always.

As stated by Stelio VERZERA from Cocoon Projects: “Complexity is rising. Predictability is dead. Work needs to evolve.”

All organisation evolution services are performed with Cocoon Projects.