What's a right path to success?

A solid and reliable relationship is based on frankness and transparency. That begins from square one. We've seen all too many strategies and activities which sadly failed to win success for the organisation, and at Managicians we know why that happens. So we focus ONLY on approaches which have proved to create lasting added value for an organisation.

Which means that:

  1. We systematically begin with a DISCOVERY phase: in this phase, which lasts two to three days, we assess a certain number of parameters with your management and team and give your team the opportunity to try out some of the instruments we use over time. The Discovery phase will show whether we are each firmly convinced we are the right partners for achieving your objectives;
  2. We systematically evaluate your requests: when we receive a request we analyse it with you to ensure that meeting it will really add value for your organisation and your strategy. Following the Discovery phase, we understand your organisation and its place in the market, so we are equipped to evaluate the relevance of the request together. If as a result we believe that what you request will add no significant value for you, we politely set the request aside, and eventually propose alternatives;
  3. We believe in long-term but we do not believe in long missions: we are believers of the AGILE approach and once we have designed a strategy with you, we identify the next small stage(s)which will move you, your team and your organisation swiftly towards achieving the next of your objectives. No more, no less. Any other way of working in a world which is increasingly complex and changeable, leads systematically to a waste of resources. In other words, Managicians works through:
    • Focused practice: we choose one or two topics together, and work with the team or the part of it which is directly responsible for them. For various reasons, it is important for the ongoing success of the team that it takes part in the mission;
    • Dedicated instruments: we establish a specific approach to each topic to be covered. Different topics will call for different approaches. Sometimes we might use training, coaching, mentoring, co-creation workshops, etc. The goal is always to practise what needs to be acquired in your organisation's real business activities, using the appropriate instrument.
    • Short-term action: each iteration topic is covered within two to three days.
    • Immediate results: the knowledge needed to start working on the topic is acquired during the practice stage. The goal is that the team should be fully able to apply the knowledge it has acquired on the next day, with no need to learn anything else.
    • Support availability: if you wish we can coordinate supporting contact with your team in order to evaluate how things are going, and if it seems useful we can go further into some matters.
  4. We do not actually take part in tendering ONLY. Although we are experienced technical writers who have managed many tenders successfully over the years, our best value for you is in helping you establish your own tender-winning organisation. Having said that, in the context of continuous development, improvement, we are completely open to analysing both successes and failures with your organisation and eventually collaborate with your company on tendering dossiers with you in the context of a broader mission;
  5. You can stop at any stage: before closing stage we assess your situation with respect to your market vision and strategy and discuss frankly whether another iteration would be useful.

To sum up, in Managicians we believe that respecting these aspects will enable you to generate ongoing and substantial added value, and to reach your business goal in the public procurement market through:

  • Strategic level mission: the target is to become a market leader, so we all need to work at a level which has the potential to raise the whole organisation to market leadership. The mission level cannot be something other than strategic;
  • Ongoing practice sessions: short, focused and assimilated practice sessions with your team;
  • Adaptive: after each session we carry out an assessment of your situation, giving you the opportunity to indicate whether recent market changes, your strategy, team, processes or instruments call for some adaptations in order to reach the targeted business sustainability.

Now that you know the path to success, let’s look at possible collaboration scenarios.