Managicians' credo

We have long-standing and successful experience in European public procurement, and firmly believe that:

“it is possible for absolutely any European company, whatever its initial staff and budget, to win public procurements on a regular basis and progressively become a public sector market leader by defining a company-based strategy and applying precise methods, with the support of a trained and competent team and the use of the appropriate instruments.”

To explain in greater detail:

  • A company-based strategy: Each company is unique and has a unique vision of its future in the market. The strategy for implementing this vision must therefore be tailored uniquely in order to move towards market leadership.
  • Any starting staff and budget: It is our belief that, “Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion”. In other words, you do not need to have everything before starting to move. What you do need are a vision and a strategy designed around it. Now you need to do the next few small things that will bring you the necessary added value to move towards your vision.
  • Progressively: To target market leadership or realise a resilient business vision based on public procurement, three results must be achieved:

1) win a contract; 2) win lots of contracts; 3) win the renewal of all those contracts.”

In order to perform this, all your bidding resources (strategy, team, processes, instruments, etc.) must remain ahead of the competition, always on top of the wave.

  • Defining the right methods mean considering the value chain of a proposal and establishing processes to ensure that each step is always performed excellently.
  • Your team is the most important resource. It has to be made up of carefully selected members who clearly understand their individual contributions to the value chain and contribute to it in collaboration. Collaborators share knowledge in order to gain strength over time.  In addition, management defines and communicates a path for organisation and personal development.
  • Appropriate instruments are software, templates, standards, etc. which are applied as appropriate during the development of the value chain and bring results in terms of quality, costs and success rate.

Let’s look now how Managicians puts in motion its skills, experience, good dose of common sense and its iterative approach to help you get to leadership…